Energy Audits

Energy Audits

Increase Comfort and Save Money!

Our comprehensive Energy Audit uses Infrared cameras combined with a Blower Door Diagnostic Test to identify air leaks, missing or ineffective insulation, and other points of energy efficiency concern.
Using thermal imaging allows us to identify precisely the places in your home where improving insulation or reducing the air flow will make the most difference and save the most money.
During this whole house inspection, we thoroughly inspect your home's exterior, windows and doors, as well as analyzing insulation levels throughout the home. We examine age, efficiency and the general condition of your mechanical systems, perform a carbon monoxide test and determine how much air your home loses on an hourly basis.

Please call us at (970) 453-6640 with any questions, comments or to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our energy-saving experts.
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All American Heating COVID-19 Response

All American Heating holds the health and safety of our customers and team members as our top priority during the Coronavirus pandemic. Learn more about the steps we're taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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