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What sets your Heating Installations apart from other local heating contractors and hvac companies?

Industry studies consistently report that 90% of new home heating systems do not run at their expected efficiency levels.  That leads to more wear and tear on the system, energy waste and higher utility bills, and comfort robbing problems like large temperature swings and poor humidity control.
When we install a new furnace, new boiler or any heating system for a customer, we design and install the system to operate at maximum efficiency.  Our meticulous inspection and testing procedures verify that the unit is performing at peak efficiency.
This process invloves many considerations beyond the size of the house and anticipated usage.  We factor in other variables like the ducting system and ventilation in the home, as well as heat load calculations and the individual family's specific needs. 
Most new furnaces and new boilers are built to operate at sea level.  The manufacturing process is actually completed in the home, and that requires skilled technicians with the proper training and experience in high-altitude heating systems.
All American Heating is the only NATE Certified mechanical contractor in Summit County.

What does your NATE Certification mean?

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and this third-party training and testing organization only certifies the finest technicians in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) industry. 
Our technicians take classes, attend training seminars and continually study the latest advances and techniques used in our business.  We carry a variety of different certifications, and that translates to the absolute best all around service for our clients.

How do you choose which boilers, furnaces and heating systems to represent?

We simply carry only the best equipment available for our industry. 
We sell and install top-performing, American-made heating units and HVAC products.
We consider such quality factors as initial costs, performance efficiency, maintenance expectations, consumer reports and available warranties and service to customize the best long-term heating solutions for our customers.

What should i expect from your duct cleaning service?

Our duct cleaning service thoroughly scrubs out your dryer vents and furnace ducts.  Duct service will help clean your indoor air, removing pollutants and particulates that may aggravate allergies.  In addition to creating healthier air in the home, clean furnace ducts and clean dryer venting allow your heating and cooling systems to operate at better efficiency, providing consistent, comfortable air throughout the home. 
Additionally, dirty and clogged dryer vents are a serious fire hazard.  Keeping your dryer vents clean will help reduce the risk of a house fire.

Why should i consider a Maintenance Contract for my furnace, boiler or heating system?

Regular inspection and maintenance of your heating system is vital to ensure long life and proper operation.  During the course of our other mechanical work, we have inspected some local vendors installations and found some pretty nasty problems. 
We've seen newer installations that leak carbon monoxide into the home! We recently found an 18 month old furnace almost rusted away inside from a water leak.  We've discovered high capacity heating equipment running through low capacity ducting which is a fire just waiting to happen.
Our Maintenance Contracts are very reasonably priced, and may well pay for themselves with lower utility bills.  They provide ongoing peace of mind and help us to discover any safety issues that may be present in older heating equipment. 
If you do not want to buy a new furnace, protect yourself with a maintenance contract to help extend the life of your current heating system.

What is your philosophy on serving your customers?

We believe in keeping our customers satisfied for life!  We stand behind all the work that we do by offering the strongest warranties in the industry, and protecting your investment in us with a 100% Total Comfort Guarantee.
We believe that there are few companies who will make and stand behind such a promise, and we sincerely believe our customers are worth it.

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