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Efficiency Ratings FAQ

The efficiency of Furnaces and Boilers is rated by a measure called  AFUE- Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratio.This ratio is similar to measuring the miles per gallon that a car gets, and indicates the percentage of energy that the unit actually coverts into heat for your home.  The Federal Trade Commission now requires new furnaces and boilers to display their AFUE rating so that consumers can effectively compare the heating efficiencies of various models.

An AFUE of 80% means that 80% of the energy used by the unit is converted into heat for the home, with the remaining 10% essentially wasted.   An AFUE of 90% means that the unit effectively converts 90% of the energy used into heat.  The most efficient units on the market today are rated up to 95%.  The TRANE XV95 Variable Speed Furnace is rated at 95%, but actually performs at almost 97% efficiency when installed and operating properly.
ted at 95%, but has proven to actually operate at almost 97% efficiency! 
It is important to understand that a new furnace will only operate at its peak efficiency when installed with the proper considerations given to factors such as ducting, ventilation, and heat load calculations among others. 
Independent studies by non-profit energy groups have consistently shown that up to 90% of people are not getting the rated efficiency from their furnaces!  These people are experiencing energy waste, higher utility bills, and comfort robbing problems such as poor humidity control and large temperature swings.

All American Heating promises with our installations that you will be in the top 10%!  We guarantee the performance of our system installations in writing with a comprehensive, 33 point checklist and quality control audits to ensure our clients get the comfort and performance they deserve from their new equipment! 
It's all part of our Total Comfort Guarantee!
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